Donating Supplies

Your gift of supplies can help stretch our dollars and offset some of our operational costs.  Our centers run on food and beverages for our guests but you can bring a smile to their face with many other gifts as well.  Our standard inventory list is shown on the right.  Other items are welcome.

Due to the secure locations of our Freedom Centers, in-kind contributions of supplies require special instructions. 

Our wish list includes the following:

- Additional WiFi enabled tablets (used or new) to speed guest sign-in process

- Custom shelving for storage (McNamara and North Terminal)

- Vacuum cleaner

Once we re-open

- Cleaning supplies

- Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

- UV Sanitizer lamp for positioning over guest sign-in tablets

Please contact us at or 
(313)744-7507 for instructions on working with MAFHC for deliveries.