Care Team

One of the services we provide for military families is that of caring for the friends and family of fallen heroes arriving via plane at Detroit Metro Airport. 

Additional Information

 We do not often promote these services out of respect for the families, but they are an important part of our mission to serve those who serve us. We have a dedicated team equipped with tissues, snacks, and drinks for family and friends of the fallen hero. 

Our Care Team, which includes a chaplain, often responds on less than 24 hour notice to an email from Delta Air Lines or Dover AFB specifying the arrival of a Fallen Soldier at Detroit Metro Airport along with flight and gate information.

For those of you who have never witnessed a Coming Home Ceremony, Delta Air Lines ground support personnel provide an honor guard as the casket containing the fallen hero is removed from the baggage compartment of the aircraft. A military honor guard is also present as the remains are escorted to an awaiting hearse while family and friends pay their respects. It is often a very emotional scene. Our Care Team discretely stands by ready to offer a shoulder to cry on, amenities, or simply stand in solemn respect for their sacrifice on behalf of our freedom.